Haiti Empowerment Program


The Haiti Empowerment Program encompasses several projects bringing relief and restoring lives of thousands of displaced survivors of the 2010 Haiti earthquake as well as those who were already living in dire circumstances and abject poverty. Our program’s main goal is to create economic opportunities and much better living conditions thus freeing the people which we serve from the spiritual and physical chains of poverty (Romans 13:8).

Our Vision: To see the conditions of poor families transferred into a new empowered life spiritually, economically, socially, and in health.   

The Haiti Empowerment Program
is not simply about giving people food and clothing, relief aid, a job, or a Bible.  But the program rather is about giving families the gospel truth about God's original intent for His creation and the power that we have within us to live above the curse of misery here on earth.  Poverty should not be an acceptable condition in our lives.  The destruction of poor people is their own poverty (Prov10:15).  Therefore we exercise our faith (faith = action) to bring about this program to all those who may already know or may not yet know Jesus Christ as the true redeemer of poverty and misery.
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